Winning Creations Selected for 'Crafted for Lexus' Lifestyle Line

Lexus Design Award Inaho

Two stunning new designer prototypes from winning entries created for the Lexus Design Award are to be commercially produced and available exclusively under the Crafted for Lexus line.

The Crafted for Lexus lifestyle product line is a carefully curated collection of items that reflect the brand's dedication to exceptional quality, artisan craftsmanship and design innovation. 

Crafted for Lexus showcases the essence of luxury lifestyle through non-automotive design in areas such as art, interiors and fashion. Collaborating with emerging artists and creators that resonate with Lexus craftsmanship, the brand continues to challenge its customers to experience amazing.

The two winning creations, Inaho (a lighting feature, meaning "ear of rice" in Japanese), and World Clock (a unique 12-sided international timepiece), exemplify the core principles of the Lexus brand, displaying Takumi (artisan) craftsmanship and innovative design.

The Lexus Design Award was developed to nurture emerging designers and assist in creating works that can lead to a better future for all.

Works must represent the fundamental brand principles of "Anticipate", Innovate" and "Captivate".

Adding items from the Lexus Design Award to the Crafted for Lexus line enables Lexus to further support the winning designers and provides the creators the opportunity to showcase their works commercially around the world.


Inaho is an interior lighting fixture that mimics the slow, swaying movement of ears of rice moving with the wind. Lightweight carbon fibre is used for the stems, filled with countless perforations precise to the 0.1mm to help produce a warm golden-hued glow. The wooden panel, from which the stems grow, completes the vision, whereby each component contributes to creating a relaxing atmosphere. To ensure a high level of craftsmanship, the creators of Inaho - Tangent - used the same wood panel material used in Lexus vehicles for its base. 

Tangent, founded by Hideki Yoshimoto, uses a variety of materials to create products that elicit an emotional response. By combining engineering and design without being weighed down by tradition, they offer a glimpse into the potential of modern craftsmanship.

World Clock

The World Clock displays the local time in 12 different cities each time it is rolled. Its minimalist exterior design, a characteristic inherent in creations from its designer, Masafumi Ishikawa, emphasises the level of craftsmanship displayed by this innovative timepiece. To build the clock's face, Ishikawa used the same carbon fibre panel found in Lexus performance vehicles.

Ishikawa's unique perspective transforms mundane items such a watch, suitcase or chopsticks into something novel. He pictures everyday objects and daily scenes from a user's perspective, allowing him to re-imagine items that help create an enhanced lifestyle.

Both winning products will be made available exclusively at select Lexus outlets later this month, debuting at the Intersect by Lexus brand experience space in Tokyo's Aoyama district.

They will soon become available in other Lexus guest experience spaces across the globe.

Now in its seventh year, submissions for the Lexus Design Award 2019 close on October 28, 2018. Details of the application process can be found at

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